HBOT stimulates and supports the body’s healing processes by addressing cellular healing at a deep level. When cells receive enough oxygen, they simply work better! HBOT improves cellular function and promotes the rapid reproduction of new blood vessels; it helps reduce the incidence of surgical complications, causes the body to more effectively kill bacteria, reduces swelling, reduces pain, and reduces bruising.

Especially in patients undergoing cardiac surgery, those who have difficulty with infections, diabetics, or anyone who has had radiation, HBOT has a scientifically proven benefit. HBOT preconditioning is an effective and feasible method to prevent, alleviate, and improve postoperative cognitive dysfunction by stimulating the body’s own antioxidant and anti-inflammation defense systems (Gao). Pre-treating patients with HBOT before they underwent on-pump CABG surgery resulted in both cerebral and cardiac protective effects as determined by biomarkers of neuronal and myocardial injury. These patients had a reduced ICU stay and better outcomes (Li).

If you or a loved one has cardiac disease or will be undergoing cardiac surgery, call us to discuss if a course of HBOT might be of benefit.


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